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Massachusetts and Tennessee [Transcript]

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

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Oh yeah. Now do Massachusetts and Tennessee. I love your spirit, but this is probably not gonna work out the way you think it will. You see my channel before you know what happens next. I've collected data from every single state and cities within those states. All this data is free, openly available, and sourced. So you can actually fact check me if you want to.

This comment is coming from a political affiliation video, and I don't think this person knows that Tennessee is one of the most problematic states, but hey, they have roughly the same population, so let's compare them.

Tennessee is worse than homicide, firearm, death rate, suicide rate, violent crime rate, essay rate, and every other crime statistic that I looked at, Massachusetts is also doing better on the family value side of things.

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Has more income remaining after tax, rent, food and power are taken out.

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It as higher graduation rate and literacy rate has lower teen pregnancy, maternal mortality, and by just a few points, infant mortality, and I know what you may be thinking, but it's the blue cities in Tennessee.

Well, don't worry, I have you covered. I've been collecting a bunch of data on cities as well. We have the average rates of three types of crimes across every single city in Massachusetts and Tennessee. And this is what happens when we move all the blue cities from each of those states. As you can see, Tennessee is left mostly unchanged except the murder rate went down a little bit. Massachusetts doubled in murder rate and violent crime rate and robbery went up a little bit too. And in all three categories, Massachusetts is still safer than Tennessee.

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But now what happens if we keep only the super blue cities, while Tennessee's crime rates go up in almost every category, Massachusetts stays the same or drops.

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So blue cities are not to blame for this problem, but you know what else is not to blame?

You also can't blame it on the trans population because Tennessee has much lower percentage of people who identify as trans. You also can't be racist and blame it on immigrants because Massachusetts has much higher rates of international immigration than Tennessee does. You also can't blame it on lack of belief in God because Tennessee has much higher volumes of religious institutions than Massachusetts does. And lastly, you can't even blame it on population density because Massachusetts is much, much more densely populated. So hopefully that helps.

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