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Tennessee vs Massachusetts without Shelby County

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This is getting sillier and sillier. People from Tennessee just don't know when to quit. In that last video, I compare Tennessee to Massachusetts as per request from one of the people that commented, and this person wasn't happy with the results. And they're asking not just to remove Memphis, but the entire county. So, uh, all right, clearly we can move on to other states soon, but these are the averages of all of the cities and varying rates.

So Memphis is in Shelby County. So I went ahead and adjusted these graphs to remove everything from Shelby County. And here we have violent crime rate, burglary rate, murder rate, and essay rate. Keep in mind, these are all the averages of every city.

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If you want statewide rates or if you want all the other rates, feel free to watch that last video because that's where I have them.

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I know what some of you who haven't watched that last video are thinking, just remove all of the blue cities and see what happens then. So here we go. Let's go ahead and look at violent crime rate, burglary rate, murder rate, and essay rate again.

Also, also, by the way, here are two graphs showing murder rates by every single city in those states. It also shows the political affiliation of all of these cities. So you can't just be like, but the blue cities, that's the reason cuz very clearly, no, that's not the reason. So anyway, I'm gonna be adding more states, so if you have any other requests, feel free to let me know.

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